The Wildman Of Kentucky - The Mystery Of Panther Rock

The Mystery

2008, Location, Lawrenceburg Kentucky, Anderson County

Panther Rock is a cave that for over 100 years has had so many mysteries occur around it, the number is hard to count..

From large black cats and mysterious animal tracks to Bigfoot, the area around this cave has it all. Sounds have been recorded, are these odd sounds made by the creature known as Bigfoot? Or another animal?

When you read the book and watch the DVD, your thoughts of going into the woods might just change forever.

The Team

2008, The Reality Team

Investigators with the Reality Investigations Team journey into the wilderness of Kentucky.

  • 1: Philip Spencer
  • 2: Philip Gardiner
  • 3: Matt Clark
  • 4: O.H.Krill
  • 5:Kat Drake
  • 6:Tony Gerard

This team has many years of experience in investigating and researching unusual events, but what happened to them in Kentucky changed them forever.


2008 Kentucky

Does Bigfoot roam the hills of Kentucky?

  • 1: What made the 18+ inch foot track?
  • 2: What killed a large dog and carried It's body away?
  • 3: What ripped a cow's ears off to the skull?
  • 4: What creature made the mysterious sounds?
  • 5: How many secrets does the cave hold?

Hear stunning eyewitness testimonies of numerous Bigfoot sightings in this area.

And hear what can be considered one of the most credible Bigfoot sightings ever recorded.

Summer of 2008 the hunt begins..

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